Sophia Woolsey

Associate Producer / Social Media Manager

Sophia Woolsey is currently a second-year student and Film and Television Studies major at Loyola Marymount University. Growing up in Southern California, Sophia has always vocalized her love for film no matter what genre, era, or type. A die-hard Wong Kar-wai fan, she especially loves to direct and assist with almost any part of pre-production. From joining the team at No Color Lines Production and Song Publishing Sophia hopes to further develop her abilities working onset in addition to expanding her creative vision.

When not busy on set, you can most likely find Sophia with one or more instruments – most likely the piano, which she has played for over fifteen years.

Passionate for writing and playing classical music, Sophia has contested in many music competitions as well as played in chamber symphonies. Furthermore, she loves embracing her Korean culture and family, spending time eating or cooking Korean food and talking constantly with her family across seas. With gender, race, and class all being influential discourses in everyday American life, Sophia’s mother, an immigrant from South Korea, has always instilled great cultural values reflecting Korean pride. It is a main goal of hers to be able to reflect this honor and dignity of her Korean heritage through her works as a filmmaker.