Sherrie Granger

Fashion Stylist/Makeup Artist/Associate Producer

Sherrie Granger is a fashion stylist / makeup artist whose finger is on the pulse of what is currently trending.  Having worked with some of the most exclusive and reputable fashion and beauty houses (St. John, Chanel, Guerlain), her creative and innovative vision has allowed her to excel in one of the most competitive and ever changing industries.

Sherrie has been an influencer for women who are at the forefront of their careers, which included notables as The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  Her goal is to assist each client in creating an image to look and feel confident for his or her individual occupation and lifestyle.

As a breast cancer survivor, Sherrie believes that when battling a serious health issue, creating a positive and uplifting image is beneficial to recovery.  With her makeup artistry, she gave new looks for women going through treatment.

In joining No Color Lines Productions and Song Publishing as a fashion stylist / makeup artist, Sherrie’s goal is to bring her expertise on set for every project. This will include the documentary, “The Evolution of the African American Church”.  She is an active member of her local church and looks forward to be a contributor to this project.